Seminar Programs 

Visible Investment Advisors (VIA) provides onsite* "Lessons Learned" seminars for employees managing their 401(k)'s.  

Interactive, Entertaining and Informative 

Utilizing the Adult Learning Model, we will begin by opening participants' minds with a short survey that will reveal existing investment attitudes and aptitudes, and the problems and fears participants are facing.

Combining real world situations and parables in an interactive, entertaining and informative format, participants will learn to use Visible Investing's foundational investment strategy to establish and reach their investment objectives.

There is always time for participants' questions to further understanding of the material presentedthe more challenging the questions, the better we like it.

At the conclusion of the seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Establish their investment goals

  • Identify appropriate core asset classes and proportional distribution of investment funds

  • Evaluate and select the investment vehicles that minimize investment fees and taxes

  • Rebalance asset classes to maintain their risk adjusted return profile

  • Monitor their investment returns to compare their performance to appropriate benchmarks and their progress towards their investment goals

  • Determine if they need the assistance of an advisor, and establish their selection criteria to choose the right one






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