The 401(k) Navigator Program maps your safest, shortest, lowest cost route to a financially secure retirement.

With the precision of a GPS, your Visible Investment Advisor will guide you through the 6 steps of the 401(k) Navigator Program.









Transition to retirement


Unpredictable adversity

As the power of compounding leads you to your financial goal, you have the opportunity to restructure your portfolio from accumulation to distribution and the freedom of living your desired  retirement lifestyle.



Volatility from down-turns along the way are inevitable, but you will be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities they present with cash set aside for this specific purpose. 


Funding your investments Portfolio safety and investment success will be determined by your ability to adhere to your plan. You'll do routine monitoring and comparisons to appropriate benchmarks and your investment objectives. 



This analysis will identify the funds that are an appropriate match with your risk and return profile and  provide you with  a plan to make any needed changes to your current funds and future contributions.
Setting achievable goals Then we'll review each fund in your employer's 401(k) plan to determine their strategy, style, holdings, turnover, management, relative returns, fees, and the value they add.
To start, we'll assess your retirement goals  and risk tolerance, current investments and contributions, and the number of years until your planned retirement.

Individuals 5 - 7 years from retirement are at an inflection point of their wealth accumulation, one which can be positively accelerated by the Visible Investing 401(k) Navigator Program. 

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