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For the first time, the Pension Protection Act of 2006 allows employers to provide investment advice and guidance. Give your employees the help they need!

Employees are becoming increasingly responsible for accumulating the wealth to fund a comfortable retirement through self directed employee 401(k) plans. But,

  • there are more investment choices than ever beforethe average 401(k) program has over 19 choices; and

  • investors are bombarded with conflicting information and opinions and have difficulty deciding which to listen tooften causing inaction which has consequences.

While self directed programs are well received by employees, the unintended consequences include under-funding, poor management and higher expenses

Until now, federal law prohibited employers from providing investment advice and guidance to plan participants. The new Pension Protection Act of 2006 allows employers who sponsor 401(k) and other qualified plans to make available professional investment advice to participants with safeguards built in to prevent conflicts of interest.

Visible Investment Advisors (California Registered Investment Advisors) are independent, non-affiliated advisors that do not recommend or sell products, enabling employers to meet their fiduciary responsibilities while providing their employees with the information they so desperately need.

In a one-hour interactive and entertaining seminar, employees will learn to:

Establish their individual investment objectives and risk profiles;

Identify appropriate core asset classes and appropriate distribution of investment funds; 
Evaluate and select the mutual funds that minimize investment fees; 
Rebalance asset classes to maintain their risk adjusted return profile; 
Monitor their investment returns to compare their performance to appropriate benchmarks and their progress towards their investment goals; 
Determine if they need the assistance of an advisor, and establish their selection criteria to choose the right one. 

  401(k) programs Forty million Americans have employer sponsored 401(k) retirement accounts. They're fast replacing pensions. But 401(k)s have pitfalls and most baby boomers just aren't saving enough.

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