Why do smart people make big investment mistakes?

What are the 7 preventable 401k mistakes, and what are their impacts on your retirement date and lifestyle?

  1. If you spend 0.5% more in fund expenses then you need to, you will delay your retirement by 1 years and 10 months

  2. For every 2% that your funds under-perform the market averages, you will delay your retirement by 3 years and 10 months.

  3. If you invest too conservatively, your retirement nest egg will under-perform inflation, and may have 14% less purchasing power when you retire. 

  4. Properly diversifying your holdings by 10%, reduces fluctuations by 20%

  5. Rebalancing your portfolio after advances or declines will increase your retirement nest egg by 3%.

  6. Giving in to emotions of greed and fear, and buying and selling too frequently can mean working 10 extra years and having a 20% smaller nest egg.

  7. Spending all of your time thinking about how to improve your investing results, or worrying if you'll have enough money to retire with your desired lifestyle - priceless

How do you know if a Visible Investor can help you?

  • Did you sell a stock to protect a gain only to see it make a huge advance afterward?

  • Do you hold on to losing positions waiting for them to return to your purchase price so you don't have to realize a loss and admit that you made a mistake?

  • Do you resist buying a hot stock, market sector (like oil), or mutual fund, until it reaches heights you never thought possible and then you buy in—just in time for an immediate reversal down?

  • Did you lose money in the stock market and swear you'll never go back in?

  • Do you fall in love or hate certain stocks?

  • Do you feel the stocks you know (local companies or large companies whose products you buy) are less risky?

  • Are you confident in your ability to outperform the market?

  • Do you calculate your returns and compare them to appropriate benchmarks?

  • If you didn't own the stocks, funds or bonds you currently own, would you buy them for the price that you could sell them for today?

  • Did you delay participating in your 401(k) or other retirement plan?

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